Wednesday, January 24, 2018 on OrangePi-PC-Plus

Last few days I spent with porting mender ( to OrangePI-PC-Plus board. All my work is currently merged to meta-mender + mender so owners of OrangePi can build images without additional hacking.

Mender is service for OTA system update. Officialy it support only RaspberryPi and BeagleBone. Porting was pretty straightforward as from mender 1.3 release there exists u-boot autopatching feature. As OrangePi is very well supported in mainline u-boot (and also linux kernel) integration went smooth and after few hours I have sdimg image ready which runs fine on device. It still need some small tweaks to start communicate with mender server (I used to speed up testing and avoid installing local mender server). Web interface is really nice and user friendly so you can easily create deployment for your devices and push update to them. I'll post in few days update with details how to setup update. Stay tuned.

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